While living here

Here you'll find answers to questions our students ask about living in university accommodation, including cleaning, having visitors, registering with a doctor and dentist, and getting support if you need it.

Who cleans my accommodation?
You'll be responsible for cleaning your accommodation. We carry out regular inspections and if any area is found to be in an unsatisfactory condition, we'll ask you to improve it. If it doesn't improve, a professional cleaner will bring it up to an acceptable standard at your expense.

Can I smoke in my accommodation?
No. All rooms and the inside of all buildings are non-smoking. Please use the designated smoking shelters outside.

How do I report faulty or broken things that need repairing?
For properties managed by Anglia Ruskin, can call or email our Facilities Helpdesk about repairs and maintenance. Out of office hours, or if there’s an immediate danger from faults, contact either your Residential Assistants or university security. We manage Anastasia House, Collier Road shared houses, University shared houses, Peter Taylor House, Swinhoe Hall, and Student Village in Chelmsford.

In accommodation managed by our partners, the building managers can tell you how to request repairs, and what to do out-of-hours or in case of emergency. Our partners manage CB1, The Railyard, the YMCA and Sedley Court.

What do I do if I withdraw from Anglia Ruskin University?
If you withdraw from university, your contract for a room in Anglia Ruskin managed accommodation will be cancelled when you return your key and send a copy of your withdrawal letter to the Residential Service. If you do not live in Anglia Ruskin managed accommodation, you will need to discuss this with your landlord as their policy may differ.

What do I do if I want to intermit (take a break from my studies)?
If you intermit, you’ll still be considered a current student during your period of intermittence, and liable for rent unless we can find someone to take over your room. If you do not live in Anglia Ruskin managed accommodation, you will need to discuss this with your landlord as their policy may differ.

What happens if I want to move out early?
If you decide that you want to move out of your university room before the end of the occupancy agreement, you’ll still be liable for your rent. We suggest you contact our Residential Service, as we may be able to advertise your room. If we find a student who wants to move in, your rent liability will end. Please speak to staff at your accommodation if you do not live in a room managed by the University. You can also contact househunting@anglia.ac.uk for more help on leaving your room early.

Can I have visitors?
Yes, you can have visitors at any reasonable time. You can also have a guest to stay in your room for one night in every consecutive seven. You’re responsible for the actions of your guests, so please make sure they don’t disturb other residents.

How are letters and parcels delivered?
This information will be in your Residents' Handbook, or available from the building managers.

Who can I go to for support while living in accommodation?
Our Residential Service will be happy to help. We have offices in Cambridge and Chelmsford, open from 9.30am-4.30pm, Monday-Friday. Outside of these times, Residential Assistants, university security or building managers can offer support. Visit our accommodation pages for Cambridge and Chelmsford for full details.

Our Student Services Team can also offer support on a whole range of issues, from finances and study support, to general wellbeing.

How can I register with a doctor or dentist?
In Cambridge, you can register with our Medical Centre which is on campus in the Mumford Building.

In Chelmsford, you can register with Rivermead Surgery, which is next to the Student Village.

You can also visit the NHS website to find local health services such as doctors and dentists.

What can I do if I'm not happy with my housemate(s) or the accommodation?
Please come and speak to the Residential Service about possible solutions. We’ll help as much as we can, so that you can concentrate on your studies and enjoy living in our accommodation.