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Cambridge Institute for
Music Therapy Research

We are a world-class, interdisciplinary research institute dedicated to advancing the understanding of music therapy and its ability to affect positive change on health and human wellbeing.


Our research

  • Mental health

    Female students playing percussion instruments

    Mental health

    Breakthrough research on the influence of music therapy practice for young people and adults with a range of emotional challenges and mental illness.

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  • Older people, dementias and stroke

    A group of older people playing percussion instruments

    Older people, dementias and stroke

    Investigating effects of music intervention for children and adults in neurorehabilitation, after brain injury, and for people with dementia.

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  • Music and the brain

    A boy wearing earphones

    Music and the brain

    Neuroscientific research inquiry into the impact of music therapy on cognition processes, emotion, memory and brain development.

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  • Autism spectrum disorder

    A hand playing the piano

    Autism spectrum disorder

    Exploring the clinical value of music-focused approaches to working with children with autism spectrum disorder and their families.

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