Clearing: how to apply and other FAQs

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Applying to Anglia Ruskin through Clearing is quick and easy. From 3 July, you can apply online for courses in Cambridge, Chelmsford and Peterborough Guild House.

Follow the application link on course pages to apply.

If you've got another question – read on! Or alternatively, contact our Clearing centre for advice and guidance.


How do I apply?

Who can apply?

What places do you have available?

My results don't quite match the entry requirements. Can I still apply?

Why can’t I get through on the phone?

Accepting your offer

How do I accept my offer?

Why haven’t I received an email confirmation yet?

Why isn't UCAS Track updating?

How do I accept my offer if I haven't got a UCAS account?

I’ve accepted my offer, what happens next?

Why haven’t I received my welcome email?

I’ve registered as an ARU student – when do I get my timetable?

Transferring or deferring

How can I transfer/defer my application?

I was deferred in 2016/17, can I join through Clearing?

UCAS Direct Contact Service

Why am I getting calls from Anglia Ruskin?

Where did you get my information?

Course questions

What courses do you offer?

Who can I talk to about courses offered at Anglia Ruskin's partner colleges?

Student finance and scholarships

How do I apply for a student loan or student finance?

What happens if I've missed the student finance application deadline?

What scholarships does Anglia Ruskin offer?

Applying for accommodation

How do I apply for accommodation?

What are the fees and how do I pay?

When do I move in?

I want to find out more about renting privately. Can you help?

About ARU

Why is Anglia Ruskin advertising places during Clearing?

Why should I choose ARU?