Accessibility statement

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We're continually working to make the Anglia Ruskin website user friendly and accessible.

Our new website is still under development, but supports all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari. If you're using Internet Explorer 8, you may have a slightly reduced experience, but you should still be able to browse the key parts of the website.

As we develop our new website further, we're aiming to make sure that:

  • all links are written so they make sense out of context
  • images have descriptive alternative text
  • where needed, links describe their action in greater detail 
  • the way a page looks and its content is separate
  • sizes of elements are not fixed, so they can be sized up or down depending on the device the website is being browsed on
  • we use background and foreground colours with a sufficient contrast.

We also use a tool which checks our site weekly for misspellings, broken links and accessibility issues, identifying anything which needs to be investigated or corrected.

However, we know it is always possible to improve. If you have any comments or suggestions, please email