Westminster date for Anglia Ruskin economist

Published: 7 March 2014 at 12:29

Dr Negru takes part in Worldly Women Philosophers event at House of Commons

Dr Ioana Negru, Senior Lecturer in Economics at Anglia Ruskin University, addressed an audience of economists and invited guests at the ‘Worldly Women Philosophers – Learning from the Lives, Times and Ideas of the Other Great Economic Thinkers’ event at the House of Commons in Westminster.

To mark International Women’s Day, the organisers of Worldly Women Philosophers brought together prominent female economists to discuss how the profession can be transformed and the role that women can play in that process.  Its aim is to make the field of economics more inclusive, leading to a more sustainable and equitable profession. 

Dr Negru was invited to sit on a panel that was chaired by Cathy Jamieson MP, Shadow Economic Secretary to the Treasury, and also included Professor Victoria Chick, Emeritus Professor of Economics at University College London.  The panel members each discussed their chosen female philosopher and presented their research.  

Dr Negru was invited thanks to her research in the fields of philosophy of economics, economic methodology and scientific pluralism – a school of thought which takes into account several views rather than a single approach – as well as her continued efforts to improve the economics curriculum across the country through the use of pluralism in practice. 

As part of the event, Dr Negru discussed Joan Robinson, the economist who influenced her current research interests.  Robinson was a prominent scholar who spent the majority of her academic career at the University of Cambridge.  Dr Negru presented a synopsis of Robinson’s contributions and touched on the impact she made on modern economic thinking.

Dr Negru, who is based in Anglia Ruskin’s Lord Ashcroft International Business School, said:

“A prominent economist in the 1970s, Robinson’s ideas are still relevant in today’s society as the world pulls through yet another financial crisis. 
“I’m delighted to have been part of the Worldly Women Philosophers event, which aims to influence future economic thinking.”