Research and Performance Explore Digital and Media Culture in Cambridge

Published: 17 May 2010 at 15:13

Leading names from the creative sector will gather for symposium on contemporary arts, media and cultural theory

The Cultures of the Digital Economy (CoDE) institute in Cambridge brings together academic research, workshops and contemporary dance at their conference next month on Monday 21 June 2010: New Materialisms and Digital Culture – An International Symposium on Contemporary Arts, Media and Cultural Theory at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

Talks during the day will probe media arts including digital culture, sonic environments, cinematic contexts, wireless communication and related phenomena in order to develop a new vocabulary for understanding digital culture as a material culture. Speakers include a range of acclaimed media theorists and writers such as Dr David M. Berry, Dr Rick Dolphijn, Dr Satinder Gill, Dr Adrian Mackenzie, Dr Stamatia Portanova, Dr Anna Powell, Dr Iris van der Tuin and Dr Eleni Ikoniadou.

The academic programme will be followed by an open launch event for the Digital Performance laboratory at Anglia Ruskin University which will stage the presentation of a science-arts interdisciplinary performance, ‘Triggered’. ‘Triggered’ showcases the results of a practice-as-research project into methods of interdisciplinary collaboration between a group of contemporary dancers, musicians and music technologists.

Performing, choreographing, composing and building the production are Cheryl Frances-Hoad, Tom Hall, Richard Hoadley, Jane Turner and her dance company.

Looking forwards to the diverse nature of the event contributor Andriani

Louizidou, research assistant, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, says:

“The physical performance and academic discussion of the day should help us find a tangible language for describing intricate cultural and media investigation. The symposium certainly promises to be an interesting journey.”

The event has been sponsored by CoDE, The Cultures of the Digital Economy (Research Institute), together with Anglia Ruskin University’s Department of English, Communication, Film and Media.

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