People to get total flexibility from the workplace as employers offer to pay for 'Slivers of Time'

Published: 9 July 2008 at 13:48

New initiative will match people who want to earn money with bite-sized chunks of work

Anglia Ruskin University’s Employment Bureau is responding to the growing need for flexible working by matching employers who need workers on a shift-by-shift basis with people who are willing to work for specific periods of time and often at short notice.

‘Slivers of Time’ is the name of the new initiative which can provide quick cover for employers who have a need for paid help, whether it involves someone to work on a leafleting campaign, someone to help in the kitchen during a busy lunch shift or to do book-keeping for a couple of hours a week.

The University is asking for employers and those who would like to engage with employers for this type of flexible working to come forward to register for the scheme.

Slivers of Time has received start-up support through the Investing in Communities programme, a strategic fund from the East of England Development Agency in association with Cambridgeshire County Council and the Greater Cambridge Partnership. Mike Carter, Investing in Communities Manager, Greater Cambridge Partnership says:

"The Greater Cambridge Partnership is supporting Slivers of Time as it represents an innovative approach to the pressures of modern life. For employers it provides much needed well matched resources at short notice, for the employee a range of working environments which enables flexibility to provide optimum work/life balances. Who could ask for anything more?"

The scheme is being welcomed by organisations within Cambridgeshire for the direct benefits it offers to them and the different people within the community.  Many people have childcare issues, physical disabilities, studies or other commitments that mean that they cannot commit to the traditional ‘nine to five’ routine - making it hard for them to access employment. However Slivers of Time will enable them to find work at the times that suit them, helping them to take control of their work-life balance and fulfil their potential.

Andrew Poulton, Economic Policy Officer, Cambridge City Council, who has been instrumental in getting Slivers off the ground in Cambridgeshire says:

“Cambridge City Council is committed to supporting local people overcome barriers to employment and skills development. 'Slivers of Time' can be an invaluable tool for addressing these barriers and giving people an alternative and gradual introduction, or re-introduction, to employment.”

Those who participate in the scheme will be able to try different sectors to see what type of work they are best suited to. Tom Taylor, from Anglia Ruskin University’s Employment Bureau explained:

"What this scheme provides is the opportunity for employers to buy people’s time to do jobs for them on a flexible basis. It is the solution to many employers’ daily resourcing problems as well as being a route that some people need to find work, whether it is for a few hours or, ultimately, a lot longer."

The Employment Bureau is a specialist recruitment agency dealing  with graduates and undergraduates from the Anglia Ruskin University campuses at Cambridge, Chelmsford and our partner colleges throughout East Anglia. With a business model similar to that of a high street firm, we distinguish ourselves with a number of key characteristics offering both students and clients a highly effective suite of relevant career placement services.  Sliver of Time is based at the Employment Bureau’s Cambridge office and works with job-seekers from within the University and from the wider community.