One in five people are unhappy at work

Published: 16 June 2014 at 09:46

Survey reveals growing numbers of employees want to study for another degree

Research carried out by Anglia Ruskin University suggests 21% of people are unhappy at work, and 40% have considered getting a degree to further or change their current career path.

The survey was commissioned as part of Adult Learners’ Week, which runs from 14-20 June and aimed to delve into people’s feelings and attitudes about their careers, identifying what they would like to change if they could.

Greater self-confidence (39%) and keeping up with the younger generation (26%) were just some of the reasons why people would like to continue studying, as well as enhancing career opportunities (60%) and wanting to learn a new skill (67%).

Respondents said flexibility, fully-supported online learning and alignment with their work are key aspects in helping people to complete a qualification.

However, one in ten people do not feel confident enough to study for another qualification, and a third said they do not see the value despite so many being unhappy in their current jobs.

Jan Skene, Head of Degrees at Work at Anglia Ruskin, said:

“As adults we rarely take time out to think about our careers or how we could increase our satisfaction at work.  If we leave it too long we can become very demotivated and lacking in confidence to change things. This can affect our home lives too.
“The good news is that there’s a wealth of learning options now available to us, even if we haven’t undertaken any formal education since school.  At Anglia Ruskin, we offer distance learning degrees that can fit around work and other responsibilities.  You can study subjects that are based on day-to-day work or that will help you take the next step in your career.  Our students span the entire age range and really benefit from the mix of experience and backgrounds in their online learning groups.  You will be in good company and well-supported by our tutors and student advisers.”

Anglia Ruskin University currently offers 22 courses through its Degrees at Work scheme and a total of 83 courses through distance learning. Work-based learning differs from traditional higher level education in that it involves actively using the workplace as a learning environment.

Adult Learners’ Week is for individuals and organisations to celebrate the benefits of lifelong learning.