New Executive Director for University Centre Peterborough

Published: 2 October 2007 at 12:19

The new Joint Venture Company established between Peterborough Regional College and Anglia Ruskin University announced today the appointment of Linda Jones as new Executive Director of the ground-breaking Higher Education expansion project in Peterborough.

Linda has an excellent track record in developing Higher Education in Essex at the Southend campus of the University of Essex, and will be bringing to Peterborough considerable expertise in course degree development, winning corporate investment, and understanding the needs of the local community.  Linda will oversee the development of the £8.9m University Centre building on the Peterborough Regional College campus, and will liaise with the local business community to ensure that the type of provision offered meets the needs of the local economy. 

She will bring a particular emphasis on Quality Assurance, recognising that this is essential to ensure the reputation of the University Centre brings new students for the future. 

The Principal of Peterborough Regional College and one of the Directors of the Joint Venture Company, Don Lawson, said:

"The development of the University Centre is a critical step toward the long term establishment of a University for Peterborough, and Linda is an excellent appointment at this stage to move us forward rapidly in this direction. Linda is committed to getting to know all the key stakeholders in the City well and moving forward together to deliver our common aims of expansion and highest quality delivery at degree level."

An advocate of flexible, just-in-time learning, Linda added:

"Peterborough has huge potential and the development of the new University Centre is exactly what the City needs to bring investment to the area to enhance it s growing infrastructure. Good skills are found at the heart of every thriving city – and if we can attract the right financial support and backing we will help to turn Peterborough into an exceptional place to live and work."

Linda Jones will take up her appointment, based at Peterborough Regional College, from Monday 8 October.

On Thursday 27 September this year’s graduation ceremony for successful Peterborough Regional College students will take place at Peterborough Cathedral at 6.30 pm.