Local NHS, County Council and Anglia Ruskin University form limited company to optimise resources for Essex’s future

Published: 27 March 2012 at 10:00

Anglia Ruskin Health Partnership plan long-term, high-tech collaboration.

Five Essex NHS Acute and Partnership Trusts, Essex County Council and Anglia Ruskin University have formed a company, Anglia Ruskin Health Partnership, to sustain and enhance the quality of health and social care by collaboration in service delivery through innovation, research and education.   The partnership serves a population of over two million and the partners, in total, manage an annual budget in excess of £2 billion.

Through a strategic collaboration, the Partnership plans to deliver huge benefits for clinical and support services in Essex, in anticipation of the significant changes in health and social care delivery that the government’s funding and restructuring plans will prompt over the next five years.

The strategic body of Chief Executives and Chairs of each of the founding organisations is committed to improve service delivery, quality of care and promote more effective use of resources.  It has developed a unique three tier model which will not only develop solutions for the population of Essex, but is also aimed at providing solutions that will have a global market. 

The unique approach will:

  1. Identify areas which would benefit from collaborative working and, if appropriate, commission research or education
  2. The Anglia Ruskin University Postgraduate Medical Institute will be ideally placed to encourage innovation, by undertaking much of the identified research and education
  3. Develop innovation and, where feasible, bring rapid solutions to market.

Sir Peter Dixon, Interim Chairman, Basildon University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said:

“Anglia Ruskin Health Partnership will bring together clinicians, practitioners, researchers, educators and managers to focus on enhancing the current patient and client experience by collaboration.  The challenge is to achieve the new demands by making more effective use of existing capacity.”

The initial Founding Partners are:

  • Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust
  • The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust
  • Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust
  • Essex County Council
  • Anglia Ruskin University

The Partnership office is based at Anglia Ruskin University (Chelmsford Campus) and the Partnership Board comprises the Chair or Chief Executive of each NHS Trust, equivalent senior representation from Essex County Council, the Vice Chancellor, Anglia Ruskin University and the Managing Director, plus an independent Chair.  The Board will report to the appropriate parent body of each Partner.  The partnership is currently seeking a Managing Director.

Malcolm Stamp CBE, Chief Executive, Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust said:

“The Partnership Board will identify projects which address areas of common concern where it is believed that, by collaborating across the Partnership, substantial financial and resource savings and/or significant improvements in patient experience can be achieved.”

The focus of initial projects is on quality of patient care and patient safety.

  1. The first project aims to produce a standardised electronic patient record which provides daily assurance of the quality of care received by in-patients using an iPad prototype which allows bedside documentation. This will be led by Basildon University Hospital.  As part of this project, the required range of nursing metrics will be defined and agreed e.g. nutrition, feeding, pressure sores, etc. – led by Southend University Hospital.
  2. Patient care and the Net Promoter Score will look at effective ways of capturing patient feedback using a single agreed package. The partnership will evaluate SEPT’s approach to patient care for adoption across the Partnership.
  3. Nurse/Midwife/Social Care Team Leaders - To develop an integrated programme for newly-qualified, talented graduates (but flexible enough to allow entry for others) to produce excellent ward sisters, managers and team leaders across both NHS and Social Care. This will require defining required clinical, managerial and personal competencies and reviewing existing schemes.
  4. To establish across the Partnership an agreed pattern of integrated care and protocols across Health & Social Care for the frail elderly e.g. pressure ulcers, dementia, falls, and nutrition - in conjunction with the Essex Community Budget project.
  5. Create an electronic Passport for staff which records mandatory training and other training which avoids further repetitive, time-wasting training every time a member of staff moves employment from one hospital to another.

Exploring potential areas of shared backroom services, particularly the high-volume transaction services.