Degree will provide solid foundations

Published: 28 July 2014 at 15:28

Agreement to boost leadership skills amongst construction industry workers

The skills void that has hampered house building in recent years will be addressed by a new degree course from Anglia Ruskin University.

The construction and house-building industries have been hit by a lack of expertise following the recent recession, and the lack of new developments is resulting in sky-high house prices. However, a new agreement between two construction service providers and Anglia Ruskin will provide a bespoke business management programme allowing workers to gain vital management theory and practice.

Jon Bouffler, Director of Learning Development Services at Anglia Ruskin, said:

“This initiative with Tamdown and TriConnex is a great example of university-business collaboration.  We are experienced in developing and delivering courses for people in the workplace and we bring expertise in business education from all sectors.  Tamdown and TriConnex are both very successful companies and clearly have a lot of specialist knowledge from their own fields.  So by working together we will combine our specialisms to create a unique university course that addresses real business needs.”

Tamdown and TriConnex have signed an agreement with Anglia Ruskin, which will launch the three-year honours degree in September under its Degrees at Work programme. It is funded by both Tamdown and TriConnex and will include work-based training, drawing upon expertise of senior management from both firms.

Mark Waine, Group HR Director for Tamdown and TriConnex, said:

“It has been acknowledged in industry press over the last year that the construction and house-building sector is being affected by a lack of skills, due to the recent economic troubles. This degree will help tackle that issue from within, so the benefit will not only be for the students but for businesses in terms of staff retention and growth.”

The course addresses areas such as team and customer management, business planning and innovation workshops and will be structured to allow employees to remain focused on their jobs and have the flexibility to study at a time that best suits them.

Mike Morris, Chairman of Tamdown & TriConnex said:

“It’s not every day a business decides to launch its own degree. I am excited at the prospect of not only being a part of this but to see the business and our people grow as a result of this ongoing programme.  Our three-year honours degree teaches the academic and the practical. If you really want to learn about business, there’s nothing else out there like it.”

Sally Everett, Deputy Dean of the Lord Ashcroft Business School said:
“We have been impressed by Tamdown and TriConnex’s vision.  To work with a university on a tailored programme is an important and forward-thinking statement for any employer and Tamdown and TriConnex are ambitious about what they can achieve by working with us.  We share their ambition and are looking forward to delivering a course which will have significant impact on their business and also their employees.”