Anglia Ruskin secures top safety award

Published: 23 May 2007 at 15:07

Anglia Ruskin University – the 13th largest university in the UK – has achieved a level 4 Quality Safety Audit Award (QSA) from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), an accolade held by no other educational establishment in the UK.

“Level 4 puts Anglia Ruskin University in the top 10% of organisations using the rigorous QSA system and number one for organisations within the education sector”,

according to Errol Taylor, RoSPA’s Deputy Chief Executive.

“What makes Anglia Ruskin’s achievement even more impressive is the fact that the scope of the Award covers the whole organisation across its two campuses. This is considerably more challenging than just concentrating on a small part of the organisation. The University’s Risk Management team, headed up by Paul Varley, has used QSA to help drive continuous improvement in delivering a robust system for managing all the  University’s risks.”

A presentation of the certification by Errol Taylor has recently been staged with Vice Chancellor Professor Michael Thorne receiving the award on behalf of Anglia Ruskin University on the Rivermead campus.

Giving thanks to the Risk Management team at Anglia Ruskin University, Michael Thorne said:

“This is a tremendous achievement brought about by a very hard working team of individuals who have worked extremely hard to provide a safe and secure environment for our students and staff to work.”

“With over 28, 000 students and over 2,300 staff we cannot afford to be complacent.  We are always looking to promote safety on campus and this fact has now been fully endorsed by the auditors from RoSPA who have placed Anglia Ruskin ahead of all others in the UK.”

It was during March that a Quality Safety Auditor from RoSPA visited Anglia Ruskin to carry out a full Health and Safety audit which lasted five days.  From this visit the award was earned for reaching certain levels of safety throughout all Anglia Ruskin campuses. The awards range from a level 1 to level 5, the highest award.

The QSA system adopts the Health and Safety Guidelines HSG 65 principles of performance standards as its base. Procedures which describe how an organisation can meet the required performance standards fall into the main categories described in HSG 65 and include those which describe how the organisation will develop its safety culture under the headings of control, co-operation, communication and competence.

Anglia Ruskin had previously undertaken this type of audit 2001 and then again in 2003, when we had received a level 3 safety award. This recent audit concentrated on areas including fire procedures, control of contractors, planned maintenance, permit to work systems, control of electricity, display screen equipment and lifts.

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