Anglia Ruskin enjoys new 'green league' status

Published: 8 June 2007 at 14:51

Anglia Ruskin University has been listed among the top ten universities in the UK according to a new league table, published this week (7 June), compiled by a student campaign group that ranks universities on their environmental policies.

People & Planet compiled the first ever table - Green League 2007 - forThe Times Higher based on the different initiative and policies adopted by the 100 universities listed.  Factors taken into account by the survey included carbon emissions, recycling rates and energy sources.

Anglia Ruskin University appears jointly in eighth place with its direct neighbour Cambridge University, while other universities from the East of England were lower down the rankings; the University of Essex is ranked 66 and University of East Anglia 71.

Anglia Ruskin University was one of 78 universities included in the survey which has a green travel plan. Its cross-campus initiatives include many issues relating to travel and parking for both students and staff. 

Encouraged by the top listing, Environmental Manager, Mark Norman comments:

“We are very happy to be so highly placed in this environmental roll of honour but we are aware that we now need to apply a more cohesive approach to these important issues.”

“Our plans for the future would be to sign up to the Higher Education Carbon Management Programme or to work towards the environmental management system of IS014001 which is one of the most transparent and accountable systems available to businesses and organisations such as ours.”

“Every university is different and so it is difficult to compare and contrast but we are very happy with the policies we have in place and know they will work exceptionally well for us. We are keen to make environmental issues a part of the culture of Anglia Ruskin which should become easier with time as students and staff become more aware of the green agenda.”

As well as having a green travel plan, waste minimisation, recycling facilities for students, and an ongoing energy efficient campaign, Anglia Ruskin University has also recently been awarded Fairtrade status by the Fairtrade Foundation joining the ranks of 35 universities which have committed themselves to promoting and selling Fairtrade produce.

The University’s full-time undergraduate prospectus has also been reduced from a 196 page A4, full colour prospectus to a 60 page prospectus which is individually personalised for each student. Electronic delivery is also available as an alternative to traditional mail.

Anglia Ruskin University’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Michael Thorne added:

“As an institution, it is our responsibility to be actively engaged in minimising the impact we have on our environment. We are making real progress with our policies but do need to make sure that we continue to manage effectively the changes we introduce.”

“We welcome this new table and are extremely pleased with our top 10 ranking.”