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Faculty:Science & Technology

Course: BOptom (Hons) Optometry

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Student Ambassador

Aloha :D Nice to meet you all. I am Sonija, an international student from Hong Kong. It’s my first year of studying Optometry on the Cambridge campus, it is a challenging course but interesting and inspiring.

I now live in Peter Taylor House which is on campus. I really enjoy cooking dinner, playing games with my flatmates after a long day. We all have fun and enjoy our days.

As our uni is located in city centre, it is super convenient. It only takes a few minutes walk to the supermarket, coffee shops, malls and local shops. The cinema isn’t that far from our campus, only 5 mins walk - you can even go and watch a movie in the evening. I’m part of the Study Abroad Society – it's a great place for me to share my travel/ study abroad experiences and meet friends from different backgrounds. It’s a great opportunity to learn different languages and about lots of other cultures.

I do enjoy spending my time at ARU, studying in well-mixed classes.

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