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13 August 2018

It's too late to change your mind on results day, all the good courses are gone, and it's not worth the hassle. Right? Wrong. Clearing is your chance to shape your future, and we're here to help. Read more…

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23 July 2018

Self-confessed 'average' school student Michael Duignan grew in confidence after joining university through Clearing - and started to see a career in academia unfolding before him. Read more…

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13 August 2018

As the summer is here and hopefully most of us are up for some travelling and chatting with new people from new places, I got inspired to seek out grants that could enable our researchers to attend or host workshops, meetings or conferences. Read more…

13 August 2018

Something that has always scared me about being at university is when my university tutor says that our next module is an ESSAY!!! Read more…

9 August 2018

The Centre for Innovation in Higher Education (CIHE) has been really busy in the last few months. We set up the infrastructure for the Centre in early 2018, including our webpage which went live in March 2018. Read more…

8 August 2018

I’m an enthusiastic supporter of the view that 'learning should be everyone’s business in universities' (Hilsdon, 2011). However, having worked as an academic librarian for the last decade, the gap between ‘academic’ and ‘academic support’ has sometimes felt very wide. Read more…

1 August 2018

When I first walked on to the not so little neonatal unit, I expected all the babies to be very tiny and in incubators. However I was surprised to discover there were lots of babies in the unit for all different reasons. Read more…

1 August 2018

In my humble opinion, beginning a new placement is not dissimilar to that memorable first day at secondary school. Those overwhelming feelings of excitement, the fear of the dreaded unknown, not to mention the big kids! Read more…


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