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4 April 2019

I originally applied to read Chemistry at university. I thought I wanted to work in a lab and play with chemicals every day. Little did I know that, nearly nine years later, I would be sat writing a blog about being a nurse… Read more…

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21 March 2019

When I left school in 2011, I was really unsure about what career I wanted... and then I came across Operating Department Practice. Read more…

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21 March 2019

It’s suddenly become very real, not only am I in my final year but I am now working on my final assignment and awaiting the commencement of my final management placement!!! Read more…

21 March 2019

Applying for your first nursing job may sound very scary, however ARU have lots of support to help you gain the job you really want and will enjoy. Where should you start? There is no real order of how you should do it, however there are some requirements you need in order to apply for jobs: Read more…

20 March 2019

My name is Liz and I am an international MBA student here at ARU. I started last September, and I am enjoying my time here. Not only because of the academic challenge of pursuing a Masters degree in a second language, but also because Cambridge itself is a vibrant community. Specifically, societies! Read more…

15 March 2019

The superlab is a containment level II laboratory that is available in our faculty. Read more…


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