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14 January 2019

My name Is Mary Carter and I am a current Social Work student going into my second year here at ARU. Ask me to describe how I have found the experience so far in just one word and I would use phenomenal. Unsurprisingly, not long after starting this journey… Read more…

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18 December 2018

University has been one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences I have ever faced. And at ARU, there are lots of places student can go for support. Read more…

Featured Post

18 December 2018

So when you think about a library you might think the same as I did. Boring? Old fashioned? Silent? Well, I have to admit the library here at ARU is so different to what I thought it would be. Read more…

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14 January 2019

Whilst many of us spend Christmas day by the lovely warm fireplace, opening lots of presents and smelling the turkey cooking in the oven, hundreds of children and young people face being in hospital. They battle a range of complex illnesses and new challenges… Read more…

11 January 2019

1. Facilitating my first birth On my first placement on the high risk delivery suite I was able to facilitate my first birth. I had experienced a lot on this placement within the first few weeks including being present at caesareans, forceps deliveries and being ‘hands on&rsquo… Read more…

4 January 2019

My name is Yetunde and I am currently studying for a Public Health Masters. Having a background in veterinary medicine has helped me understand the role veterinary doctors play in preventing and controlling zoonotic diseases. Read more…

2 January 2019

When I knew that I was accepted into ARU in September 2017 I was over the moon. All the hard work over the previous years had finally paid off. Although I was extremely proud of becoming an ARU student, I was still very nervous. I was scared of the unknown… Read more…

20 December 2018

It might sound a bit odd talking about songs to listen to if you are an Education student, however they are a great resource for the classroom and let’s be honest everyone loves a good catchy song! Read more…

20 December 2018

As an Education student, YouTube videos are so handy and relevant to all areas of my study. I find looking at them can really help, as you are visualising what you have been learning and help you to fully understand a certain subject… Read more…


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