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30 April 2018

Children will learn most through doing things themselves and being given the opportunity to experience different skills through play. It is important that children are given this opportunity because they are able to develop holistically. Read more…

30 April 2018

Making the decision to move out from my family home and to live on campus was a risky decision (and if anyone knows me, they know I hate making decisions!) Read more…

9 March 2018

Choosing a degree course was daunting and I carried out lots of research to see which course would suit me. I knew I wanted to come to university to open my own nursery later on in life or become a primary school teacher, so that was a start...! Read more…

19 February 2018

My name is Jessica Lewis and I spent time during my final year volunteering in a Year 1 classroom at Lawford Mead Primary School. Read more…

18 October 2017

My time as a volunteer with Anglia Ruskin Students' Union has enabled me to develop a variety of skills, including teamwork, communication and social responsibility. Plus, it's great to be able to give back to the community. Read more…

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