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15 February 2018

Jason Williams and Mark Warnes attended the Social Media for Learning in Higher Education Conference hosted by Sheffield Hallam University. They spoke about their online courses, 5 Minutes of Digital Literacy and 10 Days of Twitter. Read more…

18 January 2018

Let me make one thing clear from the outset: I am not a 'techie'. I rely on my oldest daughter to sort out my Wi-Fi hub when it occasionally crashes at home, and I never did figure out how to set my old VCR recorder to record a TV programme in advance. Read more…

16 January 2018

In 2016, we created and ran 5 Days of Digital Literacy (5DoDL), which introduced people to a plethora of digital tools and issues surrounding online safety, social media, etc. Read more…

9 January 2018

Get your students out of the classroom and see the difference it makes. Student-centred teaching and learning isn’t just about strategies you can use in the classroom or via online virtual environments. Read more…

8 November 2017

At this busy time of year, be kind to yourself, learn more about your university and engage with continuing professional development – your students will benefit. Read more…

2 November 2017

I knew my first week on the Catalyst Active Collaborative Learning project was going to be intense. Read more…

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