Annual Learning and Teaching Conference

Delegates at conference in lecture hall

Our annual learning and teaching conference, Engage, celebrates learning, teaching and assessment-related activities across our University. The conference includes keynotes, workshops and paper presentations.

Our 2018 conference will take place on 26 June in Chelmsford. For more information on times, venues and how to book, please visit the event page.

In the meantime, take a look at the resources from the keynotes and presentations from our 2017 conference.


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What might university education look like in ten years? Issues for education strategy

Professor Iain Martin, Anglia Ruskin University

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Reconceptualising the retention puzzle through the lens of student resilience

Professor Jacqueline Stevenson, Sheffield Hallam University

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Reflections and looking ahead...

Professor Lesley Dobrée, Anglia Ruskin University

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Please see below for resources from all other presenters.

Parallel session 1 – 11.45–12.45

1a Virtual learning flipped – Professor Eugene Giddens and John Walsh

1b Recorded lectures: what impact on student attendance? – Dr Egle Dagilyte and John Walsh

2a Reducing the distance: face-to-face activities to augment online learning – Andy Brady

2b Students’ academic induction and transitions: what does excellence look like? – Dr Adam Longcroft

3a Copyright and the LMS – Jason Williams and Katy Humphreys

3b Embedding digital literacy in the curriculum – George Evangelinos

4 Exploring curriculum development in 3D with LEGO® – Dr Alison James

5 Developing assessment practice: an inclusive audit – Dr Linda Brown, Dr James Trueman and Dr Julian Priddle

6 Using 'human books' to embed equality, diversity and inclusion into our curriculum – Dr Sally Everett, Steve McDonald, Katie Potts and Grace Anderson

7 Small things, big change! 'Quick wins' in engagement, retention and/or grades – Dr Matthew Timmis

8 Design thinking: creative approaches to problem solving – Dr Michelle Fava and Dr Beatriz Acevedo

Parallel session 2 – 1.40–2.30

9a Museum-based teaching and learning in HE – Dr Michelle Sheehan

9b ARU health hackathon: a multidisciplinary team of students coming together to engage in solving health-related issues – Dr Domenico Vicinanza and Dr Genevieve Williams

10a Evaluation of student engagement with feedback: feeding forward from feedback – Dr Dan Gordon

10b Increasing student engagement by understanding and managing mutual expectations between our students and our University – Natalie Kite

11a Developing responsible leaders: how to embed sustainability into undergraduate education – Dr Caroline Rook

11b RawTag: art and education for sustainability – Dr Beatriz Acevedo and Carmen Lamberti

12a Evaluating the impact of the Pedagogic Research Directory – Dr Simon Pratt-Adams and Mark Warnes

12b i) Making learning materials accessible: can one summer make a difference? – Dr Egle Dagilyte and John Walsh

12b ii) Inclusive materials and assessment: results of an audit and recommendations – Dr Julian Priddle (FST)

13 Visual communication: multimedia methods for engagement and active learning – Dr David Roberts

14 A new perspective: virtual reality in teaching, training and professional development – Paul Driver

15 Supporting our students towards a more responsible future – Victoria Tait

16 Active learning through TBL – Uwe Richter

Parallel session 3 – 2.45–3.45

17a Building an inclusive learning media lab – Dr Sally Everett, Marcus Hanwell, Steve McDonald and Mark Constable

17b Implementation and evaluation of letter-based grading system: a pilot – Dr Sebastian Rasinger

18a Students and lecturers as co-creators of enterprise in the race against job automation – Dr Lianne Taylor and Claire Johnson

18b Anglia Ruskin – an entrepreneurial university? A view from the Enterprise Academy – Marcia Baldry and Professor John Thompson

19a An evaluation of US and UK approaches to using a work placement portfolio – Sian Shaw

19b Early insights: understanding the value of the specialist practitioner qualification – Jane Young and Kellie Norris

20 Finding an authentic critical space: issues in supervising international doctoral students – Dr Zoe Bennett

21 Transitioning towards a digital campus – Dr Toby Carter and Dr Matthew Timmis

22 Your classroom management – Dr Linda Brown

23 Personalising educational technology: supporting accessibility and inclusivity – Dr Mark Kerrigan