The Virtual Singing Studio

6 April 2016, 18:30
Cambridge campus

A talk by Jude Brereton, Audio Lab, Department of Electronics, University of York.

The physical characteristics of a music performance venue influence the experience of music for the listener and performing musician alike. Indeed, the acoustic characteristics of the venue will influence not only the perception of music for the listener, but also many of the attributes of the performance itself, since a musician will alter their performance in response to the acoustic feedback they receive from the concert hall. To facilitate the investigation of the influence of acoustic environments on singing performance, a Virtual Singing Studio (VSS) has been developed, offering an interactive room acoustic simulation in real-time, using established auralisation techniques that allow a singer to perform in an ordinary room and hear him/herself as if singing in a real performance venue.

This talk will introduce the design and implementation of the VSS and report on results which demonstrated that professional singers rated the room acoustic simulation as highly plausible, and judged it to be authentic in comparison to singing at the real performance venue. It will also outline comparisons of singing performance analysis comparing  tempo, vibrato and intonation characteristics of singing in the real and virtual performance spaces.

Audience members will be able to try out the Virtual Singing Studio for themselves.

Event Details

6 April 2016, 18:30
Cambridge campus
LAB 214