Dr Tiffani Angus

Course Leader, MA Creative Writing; Senior Lecturer, Creative Writing and Publishing

Faculty:Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

School:Cambridge School of Creative Industries

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Publishing , Creative writing

Courses taught: Creative Writing, Publishing, Writing and English Literature, Writing and Film Studies

Tiffani Angus is an author in several genres, including SFF, horror, and historical fiction. She has a background in educational publishing and teaching fiction and non-fiction writing.




After finishing a BA and MA in the US, Tiffani came to the UK to complete a PhD in Creative Writing, which included writing an historical-fantasy novel as well as a dissertation investigating space and time in real and fictional gardens. A graduate of Clarion 2009, Tiffani is involved in genre fandom as a guest and panellist at SFF conventions. Her background in publishing includes several years working as an editor for an educational materials developer in the US; as a freelance writer/editor/proof-reader for educational, corporate, and private clients; and as a newspaper copyeditor.

Research interests

  • British gardening history 
  • The history of garden publishing
  • Gardens in SFF
  • SFF writing workshop dynamics
  • Women in post-apocalyptic fiction

Areas of research supervision

  • Publishing (editing, history, design and production)
  • Creative writing (novels and short stories)
  • Genre fiction (fantasy, science fiction, horror, historical fiction, etc.)


Tiffani's teaching covers Creativity and Content and Production Processes in Publishing as well as creative writing, both undergraduate and post-graduate, with a particular focus on fantasy, science fiction, horror, and other genre writing.


  • PhD Creative Writing, Anglia Ruskin University
  • MA English, Wright State University
  • BA English with Professional Writing Emphasis, Summa cum Laude, Wright State University

Memberships, editorial boards

  • National Association of Writers in Education, Associate Member
  • Higher Education Association, Associate Fellowship

Research grants, consultancy, knowledge exchange

  • Skinner-Young Studentship in Renaissance Studies 2012-2014

Selected recent publications

Angus, T. 2015. The Final Voyage of the World’s Oldest Time Traveler. In: M. Allen and J.K. Spendlove, eds. 2015. Athena’s Daughters Vol 2. Salt Lake City: Silence in the Library, LLC.

Angus, T. 2015. Bundle of Joy. Pornokitsch.

Angus, T. 2014. Fairchild’s Folly. In: J. Shurin, ed. 2014. Irregularity. London: Jurassic London.

Angus, T. 2013. Bright is the Water, Dark is the Land. In: S.E. Wedel, ed. 2013. Tails of the Pack: A Werewolf Anthology. Sky Warrior Books.

Angus, T. 2011. All’s Fair. In V. Blue, ed. 2011. Best Women’s Erotica 2012. Berkeley: Cleis Press.

Angus, T. 2010. The Schuylers of Albany and 18th Century Hospitality. In: Patriots of the American Revolution, July 2010.

Angus, T. 2009. If Wishes Were Horses. Strange Horizons.

Angus, T. 2008. The Battle at Home: Bringing the Civil War to Life for Young Readers. In: Civil War Historian, May 2008.

Recent presentations and conferences

Angus, T. 2016. Performance in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Workshop. Presented at Science Fiction Research Association, University of Liverpool. 28-30 June 2016.

Angus, T. 2014. Theme as a Route into Rewriting; Beyond the Moral of the Story. Presented at Great Writing International Creative Writing Conference, Imperial College. 28-29 June 2014.

Angus, T. 2014. The Garden as Character: Britain’s Great Country House Gardens in Children’s Fantasy Literature. Presented at The Country House in Britain 19142014, Newcastle University, 6-8 June 2014.

Angus, T. 2013. Planting a Fantasy: Using Historic Places to Grow Fiction. Presented at National Association of Writers in Education Annual Conference, York. 15 November 2013.

Angus, T. 2011. A Subtle Revolution: Lord Dunsany’s The King of Elfland’s Daughter as Utopian, Feminist Fairy Tale. Presented at Myth and Fairy Tale in Film and Literature post-1900, University of York. 25-26 March 2011.