Top Zen Master tells of how to deal with stress of 'daily life'

Published: 22 October 2008 at 11:58

Anglia Ruskin University hosts talk to which everyone is invited.

Dechan Jueren, the only master in modern times to ever hold two of the major Buddhist lineages - Esoteric & Zen, is scheduled to give a public lecture at Anglia Ruskin University. As part of the Essex Jiangsu festival, he will be presenting a talk entitled 'Zen Buddhism For The Modern World' at Rivermead Campus, Chelmsford on Friday 21 Nov 2008.
Earlier this year, Dechan Jueren, already the 49th Master of the Esoteric School, became the New Master of the Chinese Linji school of Zen Buddhism. The most authentic and recognised Zen school in China. The title was passed on by the 105 year old GrandMaster Fozhi.

Paul King, the event organiser, first met Dechan Jueren in Hawaii in 2006. Whilst studying Chinese medicine. Paul attended a workshop given by Dechan Jueren on meditational healing techniques. Profoundly impressed with his teachings, Paul invited him to the UK.

Essex County Council's Essex Jiangsu Festival organisers were looking for speakers on Buddhism and Paul suggested that they invite the top Zen Master Dechan Jueren. As a result there will be seven public talks given in Essex entitled, 'Zen Buddhism for the Modern World'. 

As Paul explains

“Most people have heard about Zen and Buddhism but they do not know very much about them or what relevance they have to modern life. Dechan Jueren will explain Zen using everyday examples: and show how these ancient methods can help people deal with the stresses of daily life. His powerful healing energy and wisdom means that everybody can benefit from these talks, no matter what their spiritual experience.”

The talk at Chelmsford starts at 8pm on Friday 21 Nov 2008, and costs £6/£5 concession (£3 for Anglia Ruskin University Students). Dechan Jueren receives no payment for these talks, the proceeds go towards organisational costs. Tickets can be reserved on 01245 830888 or email

More information about Dechan Jueren and his other talks can be found at