Top experts debate children's social care issues because 'Every Child Matters'

Published: 10 April 2006 at 10:51

The Unit for the Law of Children and the Vulnerable from the Faculty of Arts, Law and Social Sciences, and the Institute of Health and Social Care at Anglia Ruskin University, are staging a one-day conference at Jesus College, Cambridge, on (Tuesday) 25 April 2006 entitled: Local Authority Children’s Trusts – Can they Deliver?

The purpose of the conference, introduced by Anglia Ruskin University’s Vice Chancellor Professor David Tidmarsh and Graham Ritchie, Director of the Unit for the Children and the Vulnerable, is to highlight the problems of the care of Looked After Children, and Family Support work within the context of the new Children’s Trusts.

There will be a review of the challenges faced by Children’s Trusts which have the responsibility to break the mould of failures in the care system. 

These recent changes have come about as a direct result of the government’s Every Child Matters policy which has five main drivers including keeping children healthy, safe and helping them to achieve the most out of life.

The multi-professional conference is to be the first in a series of annual conferences to explore contemporary issues in the child care sector. Graham Ritchie said:

“We are bringing social care and health managers together with legal practitioners, educationalists and academics to debate the latest issues in social care for children, at the same time as we discuss the five outcomes of the government’s Every Child Matters policy. We will be talking through the toughest issues in the hope that we can organise a meeting of minds on these critical social issues. We are all looking for positive change in the system.”

A distinguished set of speakers from government, the professions and judiciary are addressing the conference. Delegates will include Local Authority Commissioning Officers, and officers from Education, Social Care, Health, Police, and professional bodies. Speakers will include Liz Railton, Director of Children’s Services, Essex County Council; Geraldine Macdonald, Business Director for Information and Knowledge of the Commission for Social Care Inspectorate and Judge David Pearl, President of the Care Standards Tribunal.