Rob receives prestigious student honour

Published: 22 September 2014 at 14:19

Anglia Ruskin PhD candidate scoops British Academy of Management award

Anglia Ruskin University student Rob Worrall has received the Tony Beasley Award – one of the most prestigious prizes for management students in the UK.

Rob, who is studying for a PhD in collaborative leadership development at Anglia Ruskin’s Lord Ashcroft International Business School, received the award from the British Academy of Management at their BAM2014 Doctoral Symposium in Belfast.

The Tony Beasley Doctoral Award is made in memory of former doctoral student Tony Beasley, who served on the Council of the British Academy of Management.  The award is designed to recognise outstanding research in the form of a high quality academic paper developed by a doctoral student.

Rob’s research, titled Illuminating the Way: Towards An Emergent Theory of Place-Based Leadership Development, is based on initiatives focused on improving the collaborative capability of local leaders.  The research has been conducted in three county council areas.

The Awards Subcommittee at the British Academy of Management – the leading authority in the UK on the field of management – commented that the paper is “the most complete and assured paper dealing with a topical issue and with results which should be usable by practitioners”.

While studying for his PhD, Rob is also Principal Lecturer in External Engagement at the University of Sunderland.  His previous experience includes being Programme Director for Leaders UK, Strategic Relationship Manager at the National School of Government, Assistant Chief Executive of a Regional Assembly and Strategic Policy Adviser to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Rob, who has also worked on a range of strategic policy initiatives in the UK, EU, China and South Africa, said:

“I feel that it is a real privilege and honour to receive such recognition and praise.”

Dr Rob Willis, PhD supervisor at Anglia Ruskin, said:
“The research being undertaken by Rob Worrall will not only expand our academic understanding, but will have real practical and policy implications.”