Experts advise businesses on how to plant new ideas into an organisation

Published: 25 March 2007 at 15:45

Embedding innovation sessions will be funded by the European Social Fund

Anglia Ruskin University, in collaboration with the University of Salford and Lancaster University, is presenting a programme of training and development sessions on the theme of ‘Embedding Innovation’.

The six days of sessions will be presented at Anglia Ruskin University’s Cambridge campus. It will start with Where is my business now with new ideas and innovation? (Friday 1 June – Saturday 2 June), progress to a session on Where do I want my business to go in the future? (Friday 15 June – Saturday 16 June) and conclude with How do I implement new ideas and innovation? (Friday 14 September – Saturday 15 September).

The programme will include participants from a wide variety of business sectors.  The sessions are interactive and designed to stimulate, encourage and support participants with new ideas for developing their businesses.

Speaking on the subject of these new and groundbreaking sessions, Robert Jones, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, said:

“Our aim is to empower the business owners and managers who want to move their businesses forward through innovation to take the initiative and make it happen. There are too many people simply working to stand still. It is events like these that help people to gain the clarity and direction they need to do something original and innovative to reap the rich niche market rewards.”

“In addition to hosting the sessions, we are hoping to create an online community that maintains and builds on the networks formed in this programme.”

Dr Tristan Moyle, Lecturer in Philosophy at Anglia Ruskin University added:

“The idea is that creative, innovative practices need to be spread throughout an organisation rather than being located in a specific department or being the sole concern of those in charge of the business. Rather than a linear model, where invention begins at the top and then percolates downwards, we are interested in promoting an alternative model in which feedback, from all parts of the business including the consumer, contributes to the actual generation of new ideas. In a globally competitive marketplace, the solution can often be found in honing the ‘creative’ side of a business.”

The programme is funded by ESF European Social Fund, so there will be no charge to participants.

The organizers are inviting applications from enterprises ranging in size from one to 250 people.