City Council says Anglia Ruskin is excellent for disabled people

Published: 2 November 2005 at 12:07

Members of Cambridge City Council's Disability Consultative Panel recently paid a surprise visit to the Cambridge campus. They were shown developments in accessibility on the Cambridge Campus by Ian Huntly from Campus Management. They praised Ian as being "well versed, enthusiastic and prepared to listen".

The Panel also visited the new Helmore extension, and dropped in on the Learning Support department, Anglia Ruskin's primary deliverer of support to disabled students. They were able to look around the improved facilities that Student Support Services have on the third floor of the building. One member of the Panel, a wheelchair-user, was particularly impressed with the new extension's 'evac' lift.

Members of the Panel later described the event as:

"An excellent visit - those who were able to come along were impressed by the efforts being made. The needs of students with disabilities are in the right hands."

The Panel applauded the work being done by Anglia Ruskin and described the University as "a friendly place for disabled users."

Director of Student Affairs, Dr. Paul McHugh, says:

"It's gratifying that our efforts to make the campus more accessible have been recognised in this report by an expert panel."