Chelmsford recycles 17 tonnes of e-waste

Published: 27 April 2012 at 10:39

Public turn out in force to support environmental event at Anglia Ruskin

Businesses, residents and schools in Chelmsford recycled an incredible 17.2 tonnes of e-waste during a special event at Anglia Ruskin University last month.

The three day event, from 22- 24 March, was part of a drive to encourage local people, companies and schools to clear out their workplaces, sheds, lofts, and garages of unwanted or broken electrical items and recycle them rather than throwing them in the bin.

The event was hosted by Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford Borough Council, Essex County Council and European Recycling Platform (ERP).  The e-waste collected included keyboards, printers, scanners, mobile phones, DVD players, kettles and toasters.

Nationwide Metal Recycling (NMR) Ltd provided the logistics for the event, supporting the public by unloading equipment from vehicles.  The collected items were taken to Sims Recycling Solutions in Daventry.  All items will be treated in the UK to recover the metals and plastics, and the materials will then be sent to manufacturers and used to make new products.  Recycling and disposal services were provided courtesy of Apple.

Simon Chubb, Anglia Ruskin’s Environment Manager, said:

“We are delighted to have hosted such a successful event at Anglia Ruskin University enabling our neighbours in Chelmsford to recycle their redundant electrical equipment.  Judging by the positive comments received from visitors to the event it certainly helped to raise awareness of the economic and environmental benefits of recycling this equipment.”

Councillor Janette Potter, Cabinet Member for Waste Management and Recycling, Chelmsford Borough Council, said:

“It is excellent that we can recycle all of our electrical and electronic waste.  I recycled my old mobile phone recently, and it is fantastic to think that it will become something new rather than going to landfill.  Chelmsford residents are already committed recyclers and this event has helped raise further environmental awareness.”

County Councillor Kevin Bentley, Essex County Council Cabinet Member for Economic Development & Waste, said:

“I am delighted to see the amount of electronic waste collected at this event, well done to everyone who took part.  Next time you are looking to replace an old electrical item, remember to give it a new lease of life by recycling it rather than throwing it away.”

Scott Butler, Managing Director at ERP, said:

“Recycling your unwanted electronics keeps them out of landfill, saves energy and allows the valuable materials in them to be used to make new products.  I hope our event raised awareness among the local community that all electrical waste can be recycled.”

Residents in Chelmsford can recycle their e-waste for free at any time.  Visit or call 0845 603 7625 for more information.