Business School wins prestige training contract

Published: 10 July 2007 at 14:00

Anglia Ruskin University’s Ashcroft International Business School has secured a major contract to provide the employees of a world class business with management training programmes delivered on its Rivermead campus in Chelmsford.

One cohort of students from Crawford & Company, which is based in Atlanta and London, has just started with another set to follow in November 2007.  Crawford & Company is the world’s largest independent provider of claims management solutions to insurance companies, with a global network of more than 700 offices in 63 countries. The students from the company will be studying for Certificate in Management (CIM) qualifications, Diploma in Management Studies (DMS), and finally for an MA in Management.

This ambitious programme will support the training needs of Crawford’s middle and senior managers within the UK and throughout Europe.

Commenting on the acquisition of this prestigious higher education training programme, Dean of the Ashcroft International Business School, Professor Martin Reynolds, said:

“This is truly exceptional news for the Ashcroft International Business School.”

“We will be helping the students from Crawford & Company to develop the general management skills and abilities required by them in such a rapidly changing economic environment.  They will learn to problem solve, be proactive and become more strategic in their thinking.  This training will be good news for their personal development and ensure the future success of the business.”

The MA in Management is a first for both Crawford and the industry and also complements the objectives of the Crawford International Management Training Programme delivered by Crawford University in the USA.

Crawford takes pride in delivering a professional loss adjusting and claims management service to its customers. Such a service can only be sustained through the training and continuous development of staff at all levels, including those recognised as ‘emerging leaders’.

Supporting the development and aiding the retention of such a group, together with providing clear benefits to both the individual and the company were clear prerequisites to the design of an appropriate solution. The programme has been developed in close cooperation with Anglia Ruskin University to meet these needs. With clear alignment to the company’s business needs and objectives, students will cover practical business cases and issues relevant to their everyday work.

According to Benedict Burke, Chief Operating Officer, UK & Ireland and the programme’s main sponsor within Crawford,

“The Crawford MA demonstrates our ongoing commitment to investment in people. It also benefits the business in terms of succession planning. Our ability to retain the brightest and the best is crucial to Crawford’s future health.”