Brains Eden 2010 will find the hottest games team from the region

Published: 7 June 2010 at 12:24

A celebration of Games Design talent in the East of England

On 5 July a three-part event Brains Eden 2010 will be staged to find the most innovative students from the East of England. The event will include the competition, a seminar and an exhibition.

Building on the success of last year’s event, Games Eden, the networking body for computer games companies, with support from Anglia Ruskin University and Cambridge Wireless, will be showcasing the latest gaming talent. Teams of talented students from universities across the region will have just 24 hours to design and develop their own game in a highly creative environment. Teams will be multi-disciplinary, covering all areas of gaming including art, design, engineering and audio. The completed games will be exhibited at the end of the seminar.

The event is sponsored by the Cambridge Studio of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (SCEE), and will be held at Anglia Ruskin University’s Ruskin Building.

Games Eden will be organising the exhibition of student work and a series of talks designed to bring the education and developer communities closer together. Games companies and education/training providers and successful ex-students will give short presentations and discuss new ways to supply the right kind of talent at the right time.

A careers workshop will also be run as part of the exhibition, offering students on Games courses the opportunity to talk with industry professionals and get advice on building a CV and graduate career paths into the games industry. 

The talks will focus on best practice and the barriers that stop games developers, tutors and students getting together more. It will look at how the games industry can help regional games education, how education might tap into industry expertise better and how industry and education might address skills shortages. Speakers will include games industry legend David Braben from Frontier Development; Saint John Walker, Skillset; James Shepherd, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (SCEE) Cambridge Studio; Cristian León, Codemasters; and Matt Power, SCEE Cambridge Studio.

Delighted at the prospect of hosting the event, Andy Salmon, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Law and Social Sciences at Anglia Ruskin University, said:

"Brains Eden 2010 will be one of the most dynamic events of the summer. The unique seminar and exhibition will bring together leading figures from the games industry and academia to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the games creators, distributors, and sector workers to help shape the future."

"We expect the local university teams will be positively fizzing with the latest ideas and a large number of industry representatives will be watching what comes out of the competition with great interest. The next great global gaming discovery could be just around the corner."