Anglia Ruskin launches recruitment website to encourage graduates to stay in Essex

Published: 9 February 2006 at 13:51

Anglia Ruskin University has just 'gone live' with HIT Essex, a new free-of-charge website facility designed exclusively to match hi-tech graduate job seekers in Essex with hi-tech employers in the county.

HIT Essex, funded by the East of England Development Association (EEDA) through Essex Development and Regeneration Agency (ExDRA), will enable businesses in the ICT and multimedia sectors to advertise vacancies on the site without cost, while graduates and near-graduates can post their CVs on site for inspection by prospective employers.

This innovative, new facility is delivered in a bright, modern and easy to use package, designed to appeal to this specific audience. It was produced in response to a need identified by ExDRA in a commissioned survey on the needs of the sector and is managed by Anglia Ruskin's Employment Bureau.

Anglia Ruskin's Employment Bureau manager Dominic Drane, explains:

"We are all delighted with this cutting edge website for hi-tech graduates. The recent survey of students in Essex at higher education institutions engaged in hi-tech courses showed that many had identified difficulties in obtaining relevant employment on the completion of their studies."

"It confirmed that many graduating students had a strong desire to remain within the county in which they had studied and highlighted the problems they had in finding employment to suit their needs. By introducing this new website we may be able to help stem the brain-drain effect that can set into areas that are not proactive  enough in terms of recruiting and retaining young, talented graduates."

Another part of the same survey revealed that potential employers located in the county did not feel that they had sufficient awareness of the availability and suitability of graduates being created on their doorstep. They saw significant advantages in being able to recruit graduates who had a commitment to living in the county.

The survey also identified among students in hi-tech subjects to a high level of willingness to consider self-employment.

Anyone who wishes to access the free service should visit