Cambridge Science Festival - Hands-on Science activities

19 March 2016, 14:00 - 18:00
Cambridge campus

Rubber hand

Infection Control

Test how good your hand-washing technique is using our UV hand gel. This interactive activity will demonstrate to you how effective hand washing really is and how bacteria spread infection on items that we regularly touch, despite thinking we wash our hands well. Facilitated by Department of Biomedical and Forensic Sciences at Anglia Ruskin University.

The genetics of the black squirrel

Black squirrels have been in Britain for about 100 years. Come and learn about the genetics of the black squirrel and investigate how the gene involved is inherited. Facilitated by Department of Life Sciences at Anglia Ruskin University

The multiple faces of the brain

How are illusions perceived by the brain? Explore what happens when you touch, see and hear illusions. Find out how our body reacts when the brain recognizes different stimuli such as smiling and seeing attractive faces as compared to fearful or angry faces. And have a go at assembling a model of a brain. With the Department of Psychology, Anglia Ruskin University

What's for supper?

Activities on the stall will include games where the participants make choices for a shopping trolley, or for food for supper, and then find out what impact their choices have on carbon emissions, land use or employment. There will also be quizzes on food facts and a challenge to produce a meal with minimum environmental impact. Facilitated by Cambridge Sustainable Food.

Light Lab

Exciting exploration of light and light related technologies. Be dazzled and entertained by taking part in interactive light activities and learn new ways of appreciating the magic of light. Facilitated by the e-Luminate Foundation and run in collaboration with several companies and research groups.

The sound of Cambridge

Visit our recording booth and listen to your own voice combined with the acoustics of different sites around Cambridge. Facilitated by CoDE, Cultures of the Digital Economy Research Institute, Anglia Ruskin University and Parkside Federation Schools

Safe and sound drive

Come to our demonstration of the Safe and Sound drive game, take a test drive, compete with your friends and give us feedback on our new gaming development. Facilitated by CoDE, Cultures of the Digital Economy Research Institute, Anglia Ruskin University. 

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Event Details

19 March 2016, 14:00 - 18:00
Cambridge campus