Leave your fears behind!

Estefania Guizar

Faculty: Lord Ashcroft International Business School
Department: Management and Leadership
Course: BSc (Hons) Business Management
Category: Business

20 October 2015

Wow! It feels a bit weird to be back in Cambridge after such a long summer! I travelled to various countries and enjoyed every moment, but I also worked a lot during this time.

I was doing a marketing, sales and business development internship at a consultancy company in London. It was a really interesting experience where I developed different skills and learned from every task I had to do for the company. The company is relatively new (it was launched two years ago), so I had the opportunity to understand and see the real challenges that can arise when you have a new business.

This enterprise focuses on development for individuals as well as for other companies and offers workshops to enhance many abilities that any professional person should work on, such as impromptu public speaking, which is a one of the most important things for entrepreneurs to learn.

All entrepreneurs should have the ability to speak in public and feel confident about it. Public speaking is a necessity nowadays, as we need this skill to pitch our businesses and to make other people understand our ideas, as well as to make an impact in our society. The only way to do it is by leaving our fears behind and going for it!

Personally, I don’t consider myself a shy person at all, but whenever I had to do a presentation or any type of public speaking, I would feel nervous, shy and afraid of doing it. I decided to tackle this as I know that if I am ever afraid of something it’s because it means I need to face it – that is the only way we can grow. I love the phrase “Do one thing every day that scares you” as this is really powerful and brings along positive changes in your life. I always like to remember the meaning of the word Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real. Remember that everything we could feel scared of doing is because we have created an idea of something negative happening to us in our minds, but this is not real, and we can overcome it.

I learned as well, the importance of social media marketing as I dedicated a lot of time to do this and learned a lot. I will tell you in more detail about different things I learned from using social media marketing to grow your business. You will read some tips on my next post…

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