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Professor Iain Martin MBChB, MEd (Dist), MD

Professor Martin grew up in Hampshire before taking up a place at the University of Leeds to study Medicine. After his undergraduate education he completed postgraduate training in Surgery in Yorkshire, concluding as Lecturer in Surgery at the University of Leeds. He then took up the role of Senior Lecturer and Consultant Surgeon at the University of Leeds and the Leeds General Infirmary. His clinical and research interests focussed on gastrointestinal cancer and minimally invasive surgery. During his time in Leeds he developed an ongoing interest in Higher Education more widely.

In 2000 Professor Martin moved to the University of Auckland, New Zealand, as Professor of Surgery. Over the next 13 years, whilst at the University of Auckland, he held a variety of roles including Head of Surgery, Head of the School of Medicine, Dean of the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences and for the last 18 months Deputy Vice Chancellor with responsibility for external and international engagement. In 2012 he moved to the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia as Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic, a position he held until his appointment as Vice Chancellor of Anglia Ruskin University.

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6 August 2018

The future economic, cultural, and social wellbeing of the UK is increasingly dependent on us ensuring that we develop a workforce that is flexibly skilled – to meet today’s known needs and to be able to adapt to the unpredictable needs of the next 20-30 years.

17 May 2018

In 2016 the Prime Minister spoke about her vision for education and, at least in her mind, of the importance of selective schools in enabling students from all backgrounds to reach their academic potential, saying "*There is nothing meritocratic about standing in the way of giving our most academically gifted children the specialist and tailored support that can enable them to fulfil their potential. In a true meritocracy, we should not be apologetic about stretching the most academically able to the very highest standards of excellence.*"

14 May 2018

Anglia Ruskin has a well established reputation for working with employers in delivering degrees integrated with employment. The introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy last year, alongside a much greater emphasis on degree apprenticeships, has fundamentally changed this part of the educational landscape.

5 April 2018

As part of our 25th anniversary of achieving university status, we launched our strategy 'Designing our Future 2017–2026' which sets out the high-level principles that will guide and shape ARU in the coming years. I am really pleased to now launch our Digital Strategy 2017–2020 which will underpin our University-wide strategy and help us become a digital-first campus over the next three years.

22 February 2018

This week’s announcement of the long heralded review of tertiary funding adds to the sense of continual change in our higher education system.

19 February 2018

William Hogarth illustration

This year sees the introduction of the new regulator for higher education, The Office for Students (OfS). This change is one of the most significant for our universities in the past three decades.

16 October 2017

We are the middle of our 2017 graduation ceremonies and each ceremony brings students whose individual journeys have been remarkably different together to cross the stage in celebration and recognition of their achievements.

4 July 2017

Whatever your political persuasion there is absolutely no doubt that the Labour Party’s election promise to drop tuition fees in favour of “free at the point of delivery” higher education has reignited the smouldering issue of how England funds HE.