How to apply and other FAQs

Student in Anglia Ruskin

Applying through Clearing is quick and easy.

Visit our main Clearing page to search for a course and apply. We're accepting applications from 3 July.

On this page, you'll also find information about accepting your offer, and making plans for university – such as arranging student finance or looking for accommodation.

How to apply

How do I apply?

Who can apply?

How can I check course availability?

If my results don't quite match the entry requirements, can I still apply?

If my results are better than expected, can I apply through Adjustment?

Accepting your offer

How do I accept my offer?

Will I receive a text message?

Why haven’t I received an email confirmation yet?

Why isn't UCAS Track updating?

How long will it take to be released into Clearing?

How do I accept my offer if I haven't got a UCAS account?

I’ve accepted my offer, what happens next?

Why haven’t I received my welcome email?

I’ve registered as an ARU student – when do I get my timetable?

Transferring or deferring

How can I transfer/defer my application?

I was deferred previously, can I join through Clearing?

Course questions

What courses do you offer?

Who can I talk to about courses offered at Anglia Ruskin's partner colleges?

Student finance and scholarships

How do I apply for a student loan or student finance?

What happens if I've missed the student finance application deadline?

What scholarships does Anglia Ruskin offer?

What is your Books Plus scheme?

Applying for accommodation

How do I apply for accommodation?

What are the fees and how do I pay?

When do I move in?

I want to find out more about renting privately. Can you help?

About ARU

Why is Anglia Ruskin advertising places during Clearing?

Why should I choose ARU?