Master of Business Administration MBA

Postgraduate (2 years part-time)

Distance learning

January 2019, September 2018


In a dynamic and ever changing business world, it's important to be able to demonstrate your capability in enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurship. Our distance learning MBA will help you develop the leadership and management skills needed to be able to take on this challenge, respond quickly and positively to change, and realise opportunities and new initiatives.

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Modules & assessment

Core modules

  • Strategic Leadership
    How can a leader take strategic approaches to contribute to an organisation's performance? We'll help you find out. This is a practical module that builds on your own work to provide ideas and frameworks for the design and implementation of strategy.
  • Marketing Planning
    The module has two themes; firstly the critical understanding of the practical tools, techniques, operations and activities of the marketing process, and secondly the marketing decisions on which effective marketing management and planning are based. These two themes separate out the operational marketing activities from the management decisions, and students should be able to develop diagnostic skills in both themes of the module so that they become familiar with processes related to marketing effort. Finally, students need to be able to link external or environmental market dynamics with organisational response. Students will be able to reflect through their practitioner experience and application of the service/product-market relationships and customer/client behaviours in meeting the module outcomes. One of the main focuses for the design of this module has been the further development of relevant employability and professional skills. Such skills are implicit in the learning outcomes. Multiculturalism has been considered during the design of this module and will be considered when the assessment brief is written.
  • Strategic Management
    The module explores the core field of strategic management, and how strategy contributes to organisational performance. It focuses on your organisation's internal and external environment, and addresses key issues such as competitive advantage.
  • Operations and Project Management
    Operations Management (OM) involves all the activities, decisions and responsibilities for managing the production and delivery of products and services. Managing business operations is not only vital to implement and support any organisation’s strategic plans, but it can also drive strategic change and be a key source of competitive advantage. Operations strategy reconciles an organisation’s resources with international market needs by determining the right priority of the five competitive factors: cost, quality, speed, dependability and flexibility. A key part of the business operations is project management, and this module expands the theory of project management into a business context and integrates the practical tools and techniques required to manage projects successfully.
  • Leadership and Change
    This module will investigate and critically evaluate historical and contemporary approaches to leadership theory, focusing especially on leadership at junior to middle management level. Classical theories of leadership will be examined including traits theory, behavioural theories and contingency theories. Some contemporary theories will include issues such as emotional intelligence, psychodynamics & leader-led relations.
  • Human Resources Management and Leadership
    This module examines human resources issues from the perspective of the leader. You will explore how concepts of strategic human resource management and leadership can be applied to dynamic modern situations.
  • Entrepreneurial Action (equivalent to Postgraduate Major Project)
    Work as part of a group in an entrepreneurial business on a real-life challenge currently facing that organisation. Alternatively, take a business idea through to proof of concept stage in our Startup Lab at Anglia Ruskin, or undertake research in the area of entrepreneurial management.


Where you'll study

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The Lord Ashcroft International Business School is one of the largest business schools in the East of England, with nearly 100 full-time teaching staff and approximately 6,000 students from more than 100 countries.

Our striking and award-winning business school building in Chelmsford, as well as new buildings in Cambridge, offer the most advanced learning technologies. We’re well-recognised for our centres of excellence by students, employers and professional bodies alike.

What makes us stand out is that our courses don't just give you sound academic knowledge – they’re at the cutting edge of current business practice and highly relevant to employers. This is owing to the close links we have with the business community and the partnerships we've developed with a wide variety of businesses and public service organisations. 

We're interested in people who are confident, ambitious and ready to take the challenge of making a difference in the world of business. If that's you, we'd love to hear from you.

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Distance learning
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Study at a time that suits you, using our Virtual Learning Environment.

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