Second year Media Studies student, Cambridge


Marta Carvalho


BA Media Studies


English and Media

Year of Study:


About me:

Hello, my name is Marta I’m 20 years old, and I’m a full time study, on my 2nd year of Media Studies at the Anglia Ruskin University, on the Cambridge campus. I’m originally from Portugal and I only moved to come to this uni so I live in the halls of the university.

Typical Week


I have to wake up around 7.45am, because I have 9am starters and I’m really slow getting ready, I live on the Railyard which is a brand student residence, right next to the train station and only 10 minutes by bike to uni. I have two seminars, Media Identity and Difference, and Media and Politics, one straight after the other (but we always have a 10 minutes break to quickly run to the bar and get something). Around 12pm I’m done with uni for the day, and it’s time to go to work. I found a part-time job in a really nice coffee shop next to uni, so it's really convenient for me. I start at 12.30 and I finish at 5pm. Afterwards I need to run home to get my judo equipment since the practice starts at 6.15pm. I arrive home around 9.30 and I'm absolutely exhausted! Luckily I have really cool housemates and most of the times when I come home they left me something to eat. While I'm having dinner I do a small revision of what was studied in that day and then I’m off to bed!


This time I don’t have to wake up so early, my lectures are only at 11, so I have plenty of time to get ready and sometimes I even have breakfast at uni. The first class is internet communication, which I absolutely love, and after I have a 3 hour break where I usually go for lunch and then go library to do some work. After I have the last lecture of the day, which is only one hour and then I'm going home, have a little nap and sometime when I have the energy I go to the gym with some mates. Tuesday’s are my favourite days because is Fresh Tuesdays at the fez club! Fez is a really nice club in city centre and everyone gets together there on Tuesdays, usually we do a little gathering at the house before we head of to town.


I have the day off from uni every Wednesday, which is great, so I stay in bed until a bit latter, I usually have a nice lunch with a few friends and then I go library for like 2/3 hours just to catch up what’s being going on in lectures in that week. At 4pm I start my shift on the coffee shop and I finish at 7pm, I have judo at 7.15pm so I run to uni but because is so close I'm never late!


Usually is a calm day, I have work in the morning, is just a small shift from 9 unitl 1pm, and then I have the media identity and difference seminar at 2pm. Once I finished I go for an hour to the gym, which is uni as well so it’s convenient, and then I head home to watch some films and do Skype with my family and friends from Portugal. At night, me and friends we like to Ballare, which is another club in city centre, because every Thursday they make an international night, so loads of people from different countries go to that, and the music is also from all the parts in the world which is really fun.


My class is only at 12pm, I taking one of the classes of the Anglia language programme, so every Friday I have an one hour lecture of mandarin foundation. I find this class really interesting and I’m actually having better results that I thought I would! After the class I go to work until 4pm, and then I usually meet my friends at a pub near my house, is really friendly and cheap so we spend a good time there. When I come home I do some reading and I prepare my notes to study in the next day.


Is a whole morning of work, I finish around 1pm, and then I come home have a little nap, and then I try to study for a good couple of hours. When I feel that I need a break I get my stuff and go gym for a bit. Usually when I finish I feel fresh so I go library for a bit and do a bit of more work.


It’s chilling day! I wake up, go gym, come home and have some food and if I still have some uni work to finish I do it after lunch. If not I just get all my friends together and we spend the day in the park or at home watching movies and playing games!