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Hi, I'm Jade, I'm 25 years old and I'm a second year Adult Nursing student at Anglia Ruskin Chelmsford campus. I have a 3 year old daughter and a home to keep alongside my studies which can sometimes be tough, especially when on placement. I am also a student rep and work as a student ambassador for the university helping with open days, interviews and any other events that require student input. A typical week in the life of a nursing student can be different depending on whether we are at university for our theory modules or out in practice for our placement modules, but I have chosen to take you all through a typical week of what life is like whilst at university full time.

Typical Week


Lectures start at 9am, so I tend to be up and left the house by 7.30 as I have a 40 minute drive to get into uni. I use the Park and Ride every morning when I come into uni and I like to get in with at least 20 minutes to spare before lectures start so I can have a drink, something to eat and generally wake up and talk to my friends before the study begins. Lectures carry through from 9 until 12, usually with a 15-20 minute break in the middle so we can move about and refresh ourselves. Today's lecture was a Bioscience lecture which can pretty pretty hard-going for 3 hours straight so a break is definitely needed. From 12-1 we have a lunch break and my friends and I usually head to Subway to grab a bite to eat, sit outside if it's sunny or sit in the armchairs in reception if it's cold or raining. Then from 1 through til 4 we have group work in our tutor groups. After finishing at 4, I head back to the park and ride, grab my car and head off to pick up my little girl and go home for dinner. After spending some time playing with my daughter, she goes to bed at 7 and I sit down to type up the days notes onto my laptop while the information is still fresh in my head. Then I spend some time relaxing and watching TV before heading off to be around 11.


Today is a full day of group work but luckily we don't start until 10, so I have time to get up and wake up properly before leaving. I drop my daughter off at nursery on the way into uni and make it in by half 9 so I have time to chat with my friends before lessons start. Today group work runs from 10 til 1 and then 2 til 5 with an hours break again in between. However our tutor has been helpful today in telling us we can have a shorter break if we want to and we can go home a bit earlier instead. We manage to finish all the work by 3.30 today so my friends and I head off for an hour to the local pub to play pool before heading home. Again I make my way back home, make dinner and then type up notes after my daughter has gone to bed.


Tomorrow we have a study day, which means no scheduled lectures so my friends and I have arranged to go out tonight for student night. I have arranged a babysitter and now am looking forward to a well earned night out dancing after another full day of lectures today. 9am lecture start til 11 and then an hours break from 11 til 12. 1pm lecture start for an hour until 2 then we have another break. Then group work from 3 til 5. After this my friends and I head out for dinner together before heading back to a friends to get ready for our night out.


Today is a study day so I treat myself to a nice lay in after a night out last night. I then head home, take the time to do some housework while my daughter is at nursery and do a bit of revision in the late afternoon. I then head to get my daughter from nursery and we go round to a family members house for dinner at about 6. We get back from dinner at about 7.30 so I put my daughter straight to bed and I choose to spend the evening relaxing and watching TV while cuddling my dog on the sofa, before uni again tomorrow.


Today is a skills day so I have to get myself ready in my full uniform, making sure my hair is tied up, my nails are short and clean, my make up is minimal and I am wearing no jewellery. Skills starts at 9am and we spend a bit of time talking through the theory of what we are going to be practicing today, then we get split off into groups after being shown the correct way to undertake the skill. We then spend a good amount of time practicing ourselves before the skills coach comes around to see that we have learnt and are doing it correctly. We break for lunch from 12 til 1 then head back in the afternoon to recap the mornings learning and start role play scenarios based on the skill we learnt that morning. The day finishes at 4 and I head off home to pick up my daughter once more and head back for dinner.


I spend the weekend visiting family, doing shopping, keeping on top of housework, having friends over, playing with my daughter and fitting in a bit of study and revision where I can.