Public Service Graduate


Elena Page

Year of study:

Soon to be graduating


BA (Hons) Public Service

About me:

I love sports, going to the gym and being with family and friends. I love meeting new people and challenging myself to new things. I left Anglia Ruskin University in May 2016 and now have a job here as a Student Experience Graduate Intern. I wanted to join the police when I first joined ARU, however I changed a lot as a person and my future goals changed too. I always wanted to help others however, this changed to helping students and their experiences instead of the community and catching criminals.

Typical Week

A typical week for me would be going to lectures three times a week. I played for the netball team and went to training and matches on Sunday and Wednesdays. Wednesdays was also the night me and my friends would go out clubbing because it is a student night. I would try keep on top of readings and tasks as soon as I got them because I always had a fear all the work would get too much for me. I would spend a lot of my time at my student house cooking, watching TV and doing work. I also had a part time job a few days a week and went to the gym when I had free time.

Top tip for new students

My number 1 tip would be to get involved with as much as you can. I left getting involved properly until my second year and I really regret doing that. My second and third year are my best years and that is because I was a course rep and part of the netball team. This allowed me to meet a lot more friends and feel like I was part of the university community.