Mental Health Nursing student, Chelmsford


Rebecca Robinson


Nursing (mental health)

Year of study:


About me:

I am a full time mental health nursing student who has lived in Chelmsford for the most part of my life. The University campus is a 25 minute walking distance from my family home where I currently still live ;My course involves 50% of the time at university and 50% of the time on practice placements which have been in a variety of locations across the north of Essex. I am also a student rep for my class.

Typical Week


It is my first day of my management placement. It’s an early start and I haven’t slept well because I am quite nervous. However I am still looking forward to seeing what’s in store. I arrive just before 7am and am welcomed by a member of the staff. I am taken into the ward office where I meet my mentor and the rest of the team who I am on with today. I am shown around the ward and introduced to the patents on the ward. The rest of the day is spent familiarising myself with the environment and getting to know everybody. I arrive home at around 3.30. I’m eager to message my friend’s to find out how their first day was. I’m feeling excited about this placement although apprehensive about the extra responsibilities and expectations of being a final year student.


I am excited to go in today although still anxious. It always takes me a while to get used to a new place especially as I change placements quite frequently. However I was made to feel very welcome yesterday and am sure it will be a good day. I have had more of a chance to sit with my mentor today and discuss what learning experiences I can gain from this placement. I am given some things to think about to write down for my learning objectives.


I have a late shift so get a bit of a lie in this morning. Before going to placement I go through my learning contract which is a list of objectives I hope to achieve and how I will go about doing this. I also have to some work on my dissertation. I feel more relaxed today at placement, I feel more used to the new environment. Ordinarily I would go to the Christian union meeting on Wednesday afternoon but unfortunately can’t due to my shift patterns. I enjoy going as and when I can.


It’s my day off as I have placement on Sunday. Shifts will cover days, night’s weekends and bank holidays and as students we are expected to work all of these. I spend it by meeting a friend for a coffee in the morning following by getting a few essentials from town. I spend the afternoon working on my dissertation. I am enjoying writing it but am feeling overwhelmed at it is a very big piece of work and am worried I may not be heading on the right direction. However I feel more relaxed after have dinner with the family followed by a bit of television.


I am in university today for lectures. It is really good to catch up with everyone and hear about our experiences of our new placements so far. We have a lecture about our dissertation and I am now feeling reassured that I am heading in the right direction.


Another day off, I go to Hylands park for a walk with my boyfriend followed by lunch in a tearoom. The afternoon is followed by a bit more studying then a trip to the cinema.


If I am honest it does not initially excite me to be in placement on a Sunday. However I know I will enjoy it when I get there. Things are quite relaxed on the wards at the weekend giving me time to interact with the service user and get to know them a bit better. Plus I have the late afternoon and evening free so can still enjoy my Sunday roast with the family.