Marine Biology, Biodiversity and Conversation Graduate

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Selina Grazia


Marine Biology, Biodiversity and Conversation

Year of Study:


About me:

I love nature and am passionate about conversation and animal rights. I am Vice President of the Wildlife Society and have started the Gardening Society to help students get involved with these things. Aside from that I am also passionate about representation, I have been a course rep for 3 years and was elected NUS delegate, FST Faculty Rep and Vice President of the Rep Society. I love being involved with change, and to see improvements made.

Typical Week

A typical week for me involves lectures, maybe a field trip to a river or wildlife park. It will also involve a meeting for each of the three societies I run, to organise events and competitions, as well as feedback meetings with lecturers to give them feedback I have gathered from my peers. I have faculty rep meetings with course reps from my faculty and I also work on various projects I have been involved with. This all adds up to about 10 hours a day most days so by the weekend I’m pretty much done.

Top tip for new students

Throw yourself into every opportunity you get. Everybody will be graduating with a degree, so filling your CV with every possible experience can make you stand out. Volunteer, do sport, join societies and organise events.