Final year Business Information Systems student

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Chantelle Fofie


Business Information Systems

Year of Study:


About me:

I enjoy socialising and keeping up to date on current events online. I am currently applying for my first full time job in IT. I love university, it has been an amazing 3 years and I am really going to miss it.

Best Memory

My best memory is coming into the campus and always feeling welcome, there are always people in Lord Ashcroft greeting you and showing you the new events that happen every week.

Top tip for new students

Make sure you finish assignments on time and do not leave them until the late minute, it is so hard! Be confident when meeting people, everyone starts somewhere and there are always friendly people on campus. Also make sure you join societies, whatever you are interested in there is always a society that you can join. Make the most of the job opportunities, you can become a student ambassador, work at clearing and get great experience and have fun! Don’t take the experience for granted, it has been the best three years.