Course induction programme

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You’ll receive an email from your Admissions Tutor telling you when and where to arrive on your first day – this is the first day of your Course Induction.

Your Course Induction is where you’ll find out what to expect on your course and meet the key people in your Faculty - plus there'll be social events to help you get to know the people you'll be studying with for the next three or four years.

Make sure you attend your induction and take part in all the activities. Research and our experience has shown that students who get involved and engage with university life are more likely to succeed than those who don't.

Find your Course Induction programme

  1. Check your Joining Email sent by for your course title and start date.
  2. Visit the Timetabling webpages and click on Course Induction (September 2018 timetables coming soon)
  3. Select your course from the drop down menu or use the filter field to search for a key word in your course title (don’t worry about selecting Faculty or Department/School) and select the week your course starts.  
  4. Once you've selected your course click the View Timetable button.

Room numbers are subject to change so please check again before you travel in for the day. If you’ve any questions email us at

  1. You can also view your timetable using our App, available through Google Play and the App Store.

International Orientation Programme (for all EU and international students)

If you are an EU or international student you should attend International Orientation as well as your Course Induction. 

You'll be sent an email with more information or you can find out more at