Managing your money

Make your money go further.

  • Make sure you get all the money you’re entitled to.
  • Work out a realistic budget in advance (and stick to it).
  • Top up your income by finding some part-time work – register with our Employment Bureau when you arrive for great employment opportunities that fit around your studies.


Avoid any money worries by planning your budgets and sticking to them. Speak to our Student Money Advice Service. They have tips on managing your money, budget planners you can download, and suggestions on calculating how much money you’ll need.

Our Student Money Advice Service give you confidential advice on:

  • funding
  • budgeting and money management
  • additional funding; trusts and charities
  • tax credits; student entitlement to child tax credit and working tax credit
  • welfare benefits; student entitlement to benefits
  • council tax

They offer daily money advice drop in sessions for quick questions, or appointments if you need more time.

You can contact them before you arrive here.

Call: 01245 686700