Before arrival

Students walking

There’re a number of things we ask students to do before they arrive.

It may be worth checking your son or daughter has received an email explaining what they need to do and has completed the following tasks:

  1. Registered online - Your son or daughter will need to register online.
  2. Sent in a passport sized photo - We need a photo to produce their student card. They’ll need to bring their passport or birth certificate and some photo id to collect their card.
  3. Completed online induction - Our online induction tells students what to expect, gives them essential information about their course and what support is available to them.
  4. Downloaded their course induction programme - Students need to find out when and where to arrive for their course induction and make sure they attend all the sessions.
  5. Find out about Welcome events and activities - It’s very important new students take part in as much of Welcome as they can. By attending their course induction programme and joining in with all the activities and events we’ve got planned they’ll find it easier to make friends and settle into university life.
  6. Joined our Social Media networks - Encourage your son or daughter to start getting involved with university life before they arrive. Get them to look around our Welcome website, download our App, join our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. They can start making contact with other students on their course before they arrive, making it much less daunting for them.
  7. Start to think about what they need to bring with them - If your child is going to be moving into student accommodation, have a look at our suggestions for what to bring.