STEM scholarship

Our STEM Scholarship is awarded to eligible undergraduate and postgraduate students choosing to study in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. This scholarship recognises key areas of skill shortage within the UK, and is designed to support students interested in progressing their careers in STEM fields.

How to Apply

As part of the application you will need to submit a 500 word supporting statement outlining why you are suitable to receive this award.

You will need to submit supporting documentation including evidence of your extra-curricular activities. This would usually be via a certificate or letter from a senior member of the organisation.

Key Dates

Applications closed on June 30 2018.


  • You must be a UK or EU students to be eligible for this scholarship. International students should see our international scholarship information for details of the scholarships available to them.
  • If you are studying the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery you will not be eligible to apply.
  • You must be starting an undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme in the areas as outlined below offered on the Cambridge, Chelmsford and Peterborough campuses in the September Semester in the 2018 academic year.
    • Animal Sciences
    • Architecture, Building and Construction
    • Computing and Digital Technology
    • Engineering
    • Psychology
    • Sciences, Nutritional and Pharmaceutical
  • Foundation, Extended, Degree Apprenticeship and Distance Learning programmes are excluded.
  • You must be studying full time unless there are exceptional circumstances preventing full time study.
  • You must have achieved the entry requirements of the undergraduate or postgraduate programme and have completed prior study, GSCE or equivalent in STEM related subjects as per the course entry requirements.
  • Consideration will be given to;
    • Your extra-curricular activities and achievements, for examples in the areas of leadership, community service, volunteering, sport and other fields with a focus on STEM.
    • Your experience, personal or financial hardship.


A cash payment of £2,000 in the first academic year paid in two instalments.


One year

Find out if you are successful

Your application will be assessed by a panel of ARU staff members and representatives from the Student Union (5 members in total) and you will be ranked based on the details you provide in your application and supporting documentation. You may also be invited to attend an interview to discuss your application.

Withdrawal of Scholarship

If you changes course and move to a non-STEM related field your scholarship will be withdrawn.

Read the full terms and conditions

Please note: The current scholarship information is for the 2018/19 academic year only. Information for the academic year 2019/20 will be published when it becomes available.