Frequently Asked Questions

Student in library

We've put together a list of frequently asked questions for students who want to find out more about the Anglia Access Centre and our services. If you have any questions which aren't listed below please contact us and we'll help you.

FAQs for students

Will there be any tests?
Can I park at the assessment location?
Can I bring someone into the assessment with me?
How long before I get any recommended equipment or help?
Does it matter if I haven't had my Needs Assessment prior to starting my course?
What if my needs or course requirements change during my studies?
What happens to the equipment once I finish my course?
Will I be asked to pay the money back?
What happens to the information collected about me?
Haven't I already had a dyslexia test?
Why hasn't my equipment been delivered?
Can I get course related software?
Does the DSA cover personal care costs?

FAQs for diagnosis

Can the DSA pay for the cost of a diagnosis?
I need to have a visual stress test, what do I do?
I need to get a post-16 SpLD test, where can I go?
How do I get an autistic spectrum disorder diagnosis?

FAQs for parents

Can I book an appointment for my son/daughter?
Can I attend the needs assessment with my son/daughter?
Can I represent my son/daughter after the assessment?