December 2015 - DSA Changes for England 2016/17

The Government have announced the results of the consultation into the proposed changes for the DSA for 2016-17.

In summary:

  • All band 1 and band 2 non-medical help support except 'sighted guides' will become the responsibility of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).
  • Transcription services will become the responsibility of HEIs.
  • Band 3 and band 4 support will remain the responsibility of the DSA
  • Accommodation cost within HE properties and those of their agents will become the responsibility of HEIs.
  • Printers and scanners will continue to be funded through the DSA but a more robust argument for individual devices will be required.
  • Computer peripherals and other accessories will only be funded by exception. [no details provided on exactly what is included in this statement]

The statement can be found here.

April 2015 - DSA Changes for England

The Department of Business, Innovation, and Skill (BIS) have now released the DSA guidance for 2015-16 for students funded through Student Finance England (SFE).
The main change that will impact on students applying for a new DSA for 2015-16 is that if a new computer is recommended as part of the compensatory strategies, the student will be required to contribute £200.00 towards the cost of the computer.
We advise students not to purchase a computer until you have discussed all the options with your assessor and SFE have agreed to the recommendations. If you purchase a computer prior to SFE agreeing to the recommendations they will not reimburse any costs.

February 2015 - DSA Guidance release date delayed

BIS extended the consultation period for the proposed changes to the DSA to the end of February 2015. this has meant that the final guidance document will not be released until March/April.
Assessment Centres are unable to assess students starting university in September 2015 until the guidance is released. However, we can book you in for an assessment. please contact use to discuss.

January 2015 - Re-accreditation

We are please to confirm that we have again passed audit.

April 2014 - Ministerial statement: HE student support

On 7 April 2014, the Minister for Universities and Science; Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, announced plans to overhaul DSA. The proposed changes will affect all students with disabilities who plan to start university-level study from September 2015.
Download a copy of the statement below.

Written Ministerial statement - higher education student support