Sports scholar profiles

We’re proud to support a number of talented and high achieving athletes through our sports scholarship programme.

Here are just a few of our current sports scholars.

My role model is and always will be Gail Emms, who won a mixed doubles silver medal in the 2004 Athens Olympics. At the age of 11, watching this on T.V was one of the most inspiring moments for me and it was a pivotal moment in my decision to carry forwards and focus on badminton.
Adele Woodhams
Badminton, BA (Hons) Photography - Cambridge

My best achievement to date was earning selection for the MCCU Combined Tour to Abu Dhabi in March 2015 and playing against Worcestershire CCC and taking three wickets in the game.
Joshua Arksey
Cricket, BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching and Physical Education - Cambridge

There are a few great athletes that I admire, but not one in particular. Top athletes are inspiring in different ways.
Adam Tapley
Triathlon, BSc (Hons) Sports Science - Cambridge

Triathlon and other individual sports at ARU