Biomedical & Forensic Sciences PhD project opportunities

Find out more about innovative self-funded PhD project opportunities in our Department of Biomedical & Forensic Sciences.

Cancer Cell Biology

An intelligent scheme to identify novel drug targets through analysing the DNA repairome in drug resistant cancer?

Transglutaminase 2 (TG2) as a novel cancer biomarker and target for chemotherapy


Development of new drugs to reverse tumour resistance to chemotherapy

Development of novel macrophage high-throughput cell-based phenotypic assay for drug screening

Investigating the anti-cancer effect of hop β -acid Lupulone and its synthetic derivatives on breast cancer cells

Investigating the potential of novel mimetic molecules (Toll-like receptor 4 antagonists) to modulate the microphage polarisation

Novel regulation of platelet-endothelial crosstalk in settings of vascular disease

Regulation of mineralisation in atherosclerotic lesions

Regulation of the tissue degradation in osteoarthritis

Regulation of trans-intestinal cholesterol efflux by pattern-recognition receptor signalling in enterocytes

Understanding how p18/LAMTOR1 maintains the pulmonary endothelium – a potential therapeutic target for chronic respiratory diseases

Understanding how the bitter taste receptor, T2R38, regulates the intestinal epithelium - a study from microbiota to the intestinal epithelium

Crime Scene Evidence & Forensic Analysis

The investigation of the fire risk of clothes contaminated with different skin emollients and paraffin based personal care products

The use of a developed novel adsorbent for sampling of suspects hands for ignitable liquid residues

Use of hair sample in Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault (DFSA) cases