Virtualisation Simulation and Infrastructure Research Group

Computing student

The Virtualisation, Simulation and Infrastructure (VSI) research group aims to successfully integrate novel methods and new technologies from a wide range of disciplines into new software, virtual environments, and network infrastructure solutions.

Our main areas of interest include:

  • virtual environments and simulation
  • computer server technologies
  • digital arts
  • network simulation
  • fault detection and diagnosis
  • game engines technology
  • network infrastructure (real and virtual)
  • multi agent systems
  • data mining
  • knowledge extraction
  • data representation techniques.

Our group is particularly active in the areas of:

  • applying new technologies in architecture and built environments, aiming to assist the design process and improve occupants’ comfort and satisfaction
  • enhancing the learning experience through integrating novel technologies into the educational process
  • acceptance issues for new technology, particularly cloud computing
  • mobile heart monitoring and diagnoses.

Our research group also incorporates our well established Cisco Networking Academy. Please contact our CNAP Director, Dr Erika Sanchez-Velazquez for further details.

We offer our Computer Science PhD. Please contact members directly to discuss your research topic (see individual staff pages below for emails, detailed research interests and publications). We welcome enquiries about possible collaborations and postdoctoral projects in any of the areas above. We have also identified a range of innovative research project opportunities for you as a postgraduate research student.

Please contact Dr Ahmed Sarhan with any general queries.


Tony Carter

Dr Erika Sanchez-Velazquez 

Dr Ahmed Sarhan

Tom Scott

Mike Smith

Peter Sun

PhD researchers

Belema Agborubere

Ronak Alhaddad