Forensic and Investigative Sciences Research Group

Forensics students

Our research group carries out high-level and world-class research in forensic science and criminal investigation.

Members of our group include practitioners, consultants and current researchers. This background gives us a wealth of knowledge that not only has strengthened our curriculum, but also our research profile.

Here is a list of our current research interests along with who to contact for further information:

Dr Mari Uchimoto - Body fluid identification in Forensic Science

Dr Kyprianos Georgiou - Chemical enhancement of latent finger marks using wet powder suspensions

Dr Sarah Hall - Fire investigation in forensic science, environmental toxicology

Dr Lata Gautam - Drugs analysis and forensic toxicology

Dr Leesa Ferguson - Chemical analysis of finger marks

We offer our Forensic Science PhD and our Analytical Chemistry PhD. We have also identified a range of innovative research project opportunities for you as a postgraduate research student.